Automatic Filling & Screw-capping Machine

This machine has the function of automatic bottle charging, positioning, filling, cap charging and screw-capping and can be used in paramedical, food, cosmetic, chemical and other industries.

  • It uses the sensor for automatic checking to achieve no-bottle-no-filling and stop the filling process automatically or give an alarm.
  • The operation and debugging of PLC and touch screen control system are simple and convenient. The quantity, speed and output can be set on the touch screen directly.
  • The intelligent detection is steady. Our machine adopts the intelligent detecting system and high-quality detecting elements so that it can find out all kinds of errors and stop the working procession or give an alarm in a short time. Such as whether the bottle is in the right position, whether the machine conveys normally or not, etc.
  • This machine can be used with other machines, such as the labeling machine, date printing machine, etc.
Filling capacity (ml)5-3015-10030-15060-300200-500500-1000
Speed (bottle/min)70-8050-7050-7040-6020-4020-40
The capability of compress air4Kg 30L/Min4Kg 30L/Min4Kg 30L/Min4Kg 30L/Min4Kg 30L/Min4Kg 30L/Min
Electrical power (VAC)220/380220/380220/380220/380220/380220/380
Motor power1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW
Transmission speed range8-20M/Min8-20M/Min8-20M/Min8-20M/Min8-20M/Min8-20M/Min
Weight (Kg)≈1100≈1180≈1200≈1280≈1350≈1500