Recirculation Homogenizing Mixer for Cosmetic Cream, Medicine Ointment,salad dressing ,mayonnaise etc.

How to get a good vacuum homogenizer mixer unit? Professional customized and operation commissioning are best important. We can provide materials test service for your processing materials. You can send us your materials sample or tell us your materials name/ingredients/quantity.Yekeey Recirculation Homogenizing Mixer manufacturer with a history of more than 20 years can meet your diverse needs.

Mixcore ®  Recirculation Homogenizing Mixer Product Description:

This is the formula for your success: Mixing + Homogenizing = MIXCORE MIXCORE systems technology offers all functions for the production of complex products for many industries – from laboratory to production scale.

Due to its wide ranges of features its ideal for the manufacture of different products with a wide variation of processing requirements. All semi-solid products such as suspensions, creams, emulsions, and gels can be reliably manufactured in a fast and efficient way. Even a sterile version of the MIXCORE is available.

operating principle

Mixcore ®  Recirculation Homogenizing Mixer allows for efficient mixing, dispersing, heating/cooling, and optimum feeding of additives. The innovative mixing plant enables the processing of high viscous products, also under pressure and vacuum.

(1) All stainless steel system

(2) Connector can connect air compressor, feeding hopper, filter, etc

(3) Contrarotating agitator with scraper

(4) Feeding hopper can add powder or liquid

(5) Circulating tube 

(6) High speed dispersion system

(7) Control cabinet can be designed as PLC or button contro

(8) Feeding(feed solid and liquid additives directly into the working chamber, then mix quickly and completely to avoid clumping)

(9) Rotor pump( the rotor inhale mixture, meanwhile, circulate and mix under low shear stress

(10) Dispersing head(it composed of sophisticated stator and rotor, which achieve best dispersing effect)

(11) Outlet (the length of the circulation line depends on the production)

(12) Throttle valve(produce negative pressure by inhaling material, no need to use vacuum in mixing tank)

(13) Discharge hole

Product parameters

Mixing vessel (L)1332651302606501 3502 600
Useful volume (L)1025501002005001 0002 000
Working pressure (bar)-1 to 2.5-1 to 2.5-1 to 2.5-1 to 2.5-1 to 2.5-1 to 2.5-1 to 2.5-1 to 2.5
Max. temperature (℃)150150150150150150150150
Motor power (kw)0 37*1 11 52 235 57 515
Output Speed 20-60r/min120-36090-27066-19854-16245-1332.4-97.224.8-74.420.4-61.2
Max. capacity

When dispersing(l/h)

2 0002 0002 0005 0005 00015 00015 00020 000
Height (closed cover) mm1 0651 6371 8172 3052 4213 3153 7494 951
Height (open cover) mm1 1512 0862 4172 9502 4213 3153 7494 951
Width mm6358508501 2151 2151 6501 6502 210
Depth mm6611 0101 0101 4071 4071 9001 9002 710

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