Double Planetary Mixer
Product Details:

SXJ-5 & YSL-5 double planetary mixer is made up of reducing motor, sealed cover, planet frame, agitator, wall shaving device, storage bucket, two-column hydraulic lifting system, vacuum system, rack, etc. It is late-model and high efficient mixing equipment on the basis of digesting and assimilating foreign and domestic advanced technology.


When the planetary frame rotates, it drives three axes of mixing and scattered axes to revolve and rotate around the storage bucket. It makes the material strongly cut and kneaded, achieving the goal of fully dispersing and mixing. Wall scraper blade rotates with planetary shelf on the planetary shelf. Constantly wiping away the barrel wall makes the barrel wall no residual material, improving mixing effect. The length of stirring time is controlled by customer as per the property of the material which can be adjusted by control panel. The sealed cover and planet stirrer are lifted by two-column hydraulic lifting system which is stable, fast and portable.

This equipment can work under vacuum condition which can discharge water and other volatile. Therefore it is used as degassing tank. The material is heated or cooled by oil and water cycle or steam as needed. The heating temperature is shown on the temperature control device on control panel.

For this equipment has good mixing, shearing and dispersing function, it is especially suitable for scattering and mixing of solid-solid phase, solid-liquid phase and liquid-liquid phase. So it is especially applied in such trades as chemical industry, food, light industry, pharmacy, building materials, etc.

Size of bucket∮208*260
Design volume8L
Working Capacity5L
Stirring power1.5Kw
Scattered electric power1.5Kw
Revolution speed0-65 rpm
Stirring rotation speed0-170 rpm
Scattered disk rotation speed0-1400 rpm
Scraper speedThe same as revolution
Limit vacuum-0.09Mpa
Distance of reactor up and down300mm
Distance of disk up and down300mm
Largest binder force5T
Hydraulic station power1.5Kw
Vacuum pump power0.37Kw
Heating power2Kw
Size (Length*Width*Height)990mm*910mm*2360mm