Product Details:

Based on the American and Italian pressure machines, YLS Series Hydraulic Distributing Machine (Silica Gel) is the product which is developed independently by our factory, according to the development need of packing the thick stuff (silica gel). This machine adopts the solid frame and hydraulic fluctuating. The height of the discharge barrel can be adjusted within 0-900mm. The machine is composed of standing base, two-column hydraulic lift apparatus, main fuel tank and platen, hydraulic station and electric panel. After connecting rubber tube with the distributing machine on the discharge mouth, the platen makes the piston move downward under the action of hydraulic pressure to let the platen press out. Platens of different diameters can be distributed by different packages (use with GFG-A silica gel filling & sealing machine or GGY-silica gel filling & pressure-cap machine). The sealed device of platen makes the silica gel isolated from air without residues.

This equipment has the characteristics of simple construction and operation, good performance, high efficiency, reliable working and wide usage, etc.

  • Platen diameter: 895/570mm
  • Electromotor power: 7.5KW
  • Fluctuating height: 1000mm
  • Main piston rod diameter: 140mm
  • Fluctuating way: hydraulic
  • Hydraulic pressure: 1-20Mpa
  • Platen barrel diameter: 560*900mm
  • Weight: 3500kg
Item YLS-50 YLS-100 YLS-200 YLS-300 YLS-500 YLS-1000 YLS-1300
Power 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ
Platen diameter 400MM 500mm 570mm 570mm 750mm 860mm 1100mm 1165mm
Fluctuating way One-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic One-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic
Fluctuating height 600MM 700MM 1100mm 1100mm 900mm 1020mm 1350mm 1500mm
Diameter of the piston bar 80MM 70MM 100mm 70mm 80mm 80mm 85mm 125mm
Hydraulic pressure 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa
Max pressing power 15T 29T 25T 29T 50T 65T 80T 100T
Power 1.5KW 2.2KW 2.2KW 2.2KW 3KW 4KW 4.5KW 5.5KW
Dimension Length (mm) 1000 1300 1200 1200 1800 1930 2050 2250
Width (mm) 600 720 760 760 1000 1150 1310 1440
Height (mm) 1886 1370-2070 2750 1650-2750 1752-2652 1980-3000 2450-3800 2935-3435