The vacuum paste making machine is the key machine of the process of toothpaste production. The working principle of this equipment is to sequentially put various raw materials into the machine according to a certain production process, and making the all materials fully dispersed and mixed uniformly through strong stirring, dispersion, and grinding. Finally, after vacuum degassing, it becomes the paste .


Based on our company’s existing technology, we have optimized the scraper blades, high-speed dispersion system, high-shear homogenization system and vacuum system to improve the performance of the overall equipment and ensure that production can be set according to the settings, paste manufacturing process and formula to obtain qualified and stable paste.

Basic Functions


  • The paste is made in a airtight tank and operated under vacuum.
  • The tank is made of high-quality stainless steel with a jacket for heating or cooling.
  • Equipped with paddle-type stirring and scraper, so that the materials do not have accumulation and dead corners. At the same time, the movable scraper can automatically press close to the inner wall and scrape the material to make the temperature uniform.
  • Equipped with a high-speed disperser or a high-shear homogenizer, which mixes powder and liquid materials through high-speed rotation, and generates a turn in the paste-making pot to make the material homogeneous and delicate.
  • Equipped with a bipolar vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum degree in the tank can reach -0.098MPa.
  • Using a one-step process, all paste operations are completed in the paste machine, which significantly reduces material loss.
  • It can be equipped with raw material conveying system, automatic metering and control system, and realizes automation of paste production through computer operation.

vacuum paste making machine


Key Benefits

  • The paste making machine completes the glue making process and the three paste making processes of grinding, stirring and vacuuming in one pot, which significantly reduces material loss, reduces paste pollution, and improves production efficiency and cleanliness.
  • The one-step production can avoid the problems of incomplete degassing and the easy distribution of essence due to the original open paste manufacturing equipment.
  • The control system is simple to operate and stable in performance.
  • It is especially suitable for silica-based toothpaste with lower density and better thixotropy.


Main technical parameters


Model Design volume(L) Max. useful volume (L) Min. Usefulvolume(L) Dimensions (Lx Wx H mm)
ZGJ-15 15 12 5 2600x1900x2500(3500)
ZGJ-50 50 40 15 3000x2750x2750(3850)
ZGJ-100 100 80 30 3650 x 3400 x 3300(4560)
ZGJ-350 350 280 100 3750x3550x3350(4800)
ZGJ-650 650 500 200 4900x3300x3000(4600)
ZGJ-1300 1300 1000 400 4800x4400x3300(4800)

Filling equipment of form a complete set:

Metallic Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

Metallic Tube Filling & Sealing Machine is mainly used to fill the material into metal tubes with fixed quantity and then seal the tube. It is often used for filling and sealing in toothpaste packaging.

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