SXJ planetary dispersion mixer is a new type of high-efficiency mixing equipment with no dead point developed by our company, featuring a unique and novel stirring form. There are 2 door type or twist type mixers complete with a high-speed disperser and an adaptive scraper in the kettle. When the agitator revolves around the axis of the kettle body, it rotates in high gear around the axis itself at different speeds so that the material subject to strong shearing and kneading makes complex movements in the kettle body.

Laboratory planetary mixer

Moreover, the self-adaptive wall scraper in the equipment rotates around the axis of the kettle body, which can scrape the materials stuck on the wall to participate in mixing and improve the mixing effect. The kettle body adopts a special sealed structure and has a good exhaust and defoaming effect while being degassed and stirred. The tank jacket can be heated and cooled pursuant to the needs of clients. The type of discharging is based on material pressing. The kettle lid of the equipment can be lifted hydraulically. Meanwhile, the kettle body can move freely, which is very convenient to operate. The stirring paddle and scraper can be completely separated from the kettle body with the beam rising in connection with convenient cleaning.


Polymer lithium-ion battery electrolyte Epoxy resin Polyurethane sealant Cosmetics
Electronic electrode sizing agent Adhesives Anaerobic adhesive Salve
Adhesives Mold glue Ink Electronics
Electronic electrode sizing agent Silicone sealant Pigment Chemical industry
Food & Pharmaceutical


The main equipment adopts the planetary gear design with the features of low noise and high mechanical efficiency, which can save more power and make the equipment more compact.

The equipment is suitable for material mixing, reacting, dispersing, dissolving, quality adjusting, especially for solid-to-solid reaction, solid-to-liquid reaction, liquid-to-liquid reaction, such as ink, pigment, adhesives, sealant chrisma, paste materials, grease, paint, cosmetic cream, additives and other high viscosity materials.

The viscosity range of equipment use ranges from 10,000 to 2,000,000MPas.

It has the characteristics of low speed and large torque for the double planetary mixers. They can be mixered and dispersed fully and thoroughly without overheating for the thixotropic and high viscous materials.

The agitator can be installed with the multi-layer paddle type, frame type, butterfly type, outer wheel type as per the material requirements.

Explosion-proof or anti-corrosion configuration optional.


Model Design volume(L) Max. useful volume (L) Min. Useful volume (L) Dimensions (Lx Wx H mm)
SXJ-10 10 8 1.5 990x910x2360
SXJ-50 57 40 5.5 1200x760x2100(2750)
SXJ-100 108 80 7.5 1550x800x2650(3350)
SXJ-200 200 160 11 1700x950x2760(3660)
SXJ-300 350 300 15 2000x1100x3160(4100)
SXJ-500 505 400 22 2150x1250x3380(4400)
SXJ-1000 1045 800 37 2450x1580x3860(5100)
Item YLS-50 YLS-100 YLS-200 YLS-300 YLS-500 YLS-1000 YLS-1300
Power 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ 380V50HZ
Platen diameter 400MM 500mm 570mm 750mm 860mm 1100mm 1165mm
Fluctuating way One-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic One-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic Two-column hydraulic
Fluctuating height 600MM 700MM 1100mm 900mm 1020mm 1350mm 1500mm
Diameter of the piston bar 80MM 70MM 100mm 80mm 80mm 85mm 125mm
Hydraulic pressure 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa 6.3-16mpa
Max pressing power 15T 29T 25T 50T 65T 80T 100T
Power 1.5KW 2.2KW 2.2KW 3KW 4KW 4.5KW 5.5KW
Dimension Length (mm) 1000 1300 1200 1800 1930 2050 2250
Width (mm) 600 720 760 1000 1150 1310 1440
Height (mm) 1886 1370-2070 2750 1752-2652 1980-3000 2450-3800 2935-3435

Supporting hydraulic discharge machine

YLS series hydraulic glue discharging and distributing machine is often used in conjunction with planetary mixer, so it is often called planetary press. It is a product independently developed and designed by our factory based on the development needs of my country’s highly viscous materials, especially the silicone packaging industry, on the basis of absorbing American and Italian presses.

Supporting hydraulic
hydraulic discharge machine -2

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