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Mayonnaise Vacuum Emulsifier

Mayonnaise Machine Manufacturing By Yekeey


MixCore is a special equipment for the production of liquid or semi-solid sauces. The core of the MixCore vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is a recirculating homogenizer installed at the bottom of the tank. The structure has the characteristics of high efficiency of dispersion, fine and smooth emulsification effect, and can shorten the production time of the product, as well as improve the taste and stability of the product.

Structure of Mayonnaise Machine

1. Egg & Oil infeed

2. Product discharge

3. Homogenizer

4. Residue discharge

5. Scraper agitator

7. Vacuum system

8. Heating & Cooling

9. CIP

10. Internal loop

11. External loop

12. Premix

indicator diagram of mayonnaise making machine

Mayonnaise Making Machine Mixers Technical Data

Technical data
Type MC-H-15 MC-H-150 MC-H-350 MC-H-650 MC-H-1300 MC-H-2400
Total volume(L) 15 150 350 650 1300 2400
Useful volume(L) 3-12 25-120 60-300 70-500 200-1100 220-2000
Scraper agitator power(kW) 0.37 1.5 2.2 2.2 4 5.5
Homogenizer power(kW) 4 11 18.5 18.5 37 37
3-24 5-22 5-25 5-25 6-28 6-28
Vacuum pump(kW) 0.75 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.2 2.2
Height(dosed cover) 1650 2100 2400 2700 3100 3700
Height(open cover) 1600 2250 2600 2900
Width 900 1500 1800 1900 2100 2300
Depth 1400 1600 2000 2300 3000 3100

Advantages of mayonnaise-making machine

  1. Unique and efficient mixing and recycling homogenization system.
  2. Adopt a sanitary double-face mechanical seal.
  3. Powder material can be inhaled without dust and quickly dispersed.
  4. Compared with another series emulsifier, it can reduce 60% of the production time.
  5. The homogenization system has its own pump, which can shorten the discharging time.
  6. With CIP function.
  7. A sterile emulsification system can be customized.
  8. Highest viscosity up to 80,000mpas.
  9. More reasonable operation interface and ergonomic design.
  10. The minimum production can reach 20% of the total volume.


YeKeey MixCore recirculation vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is a professional mayonnaise production machine. This MixCore is mainly used in the food industry to produce sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressing, custard sauce, cheese sauce, etc.
Of course, It is also used to make many kinds of creams, ointments, lotions, and emulsions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.
With our years of experience in the production of sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, soups, chocolate fillings, pet food, and seasonings, we can help you find the best solution for your needs.

internal structure diagram of mayonnaise making machine

Manufacturing Process

It is important to consider the different thicknesses of the ingredients when producing or making a mayonnaise mixer.
Proper mixing of Mayonnaise ingredients is detrimental to making good end-products. So it is essential to follow specific rules about the type of mixer to be used, the speed at which it should be operated, the number of agitators, the number of blades, and the method of mixing.


Upon starting the production, the following procedures are commonly followed in Mayonnaise production:

  1. In the first stage of production, the egg, which may be used in either liquid or powder form is dispersed into the water.
    This acts as the emulsifying agent.
  2. The ingredients are mixed in the vessel and made sure that they are properly dispersed and hydrated before the oil is added in the next stage.
  3. Mixing is continuous while the oil is added until the mixture reaches a high viscosity.
  4. The temperature during this process called the “cold process” should not rise above 5°C.
  5. Vinegar and the oil are further added slowly.
  6. The “hot process” uses temperatures of 70°C and warm filling.

The Problem:

If the egg and other emulsifying agents are not properly dispersed and hydrated the emulsion can break during the oil addition stage.
The mayonnaise mixer should be capable of dispersing and hydrating the products properly in a low liquid volume as it may affect the consistency of the mixture when oil is added.
Due to the high proportion of oil in the recipe, the emulsion can break if the oil is not added to the continuous phase correctly.
Longer mixing time due to difficulty in hydrating the stabilizers and thickeners.


The Solution:

  1. YeKeey’s mayonnaise-making machine is way better than conventional mixers. The unit is capable of carrying out the entire mayonnaise.
  2. The production process, including rapid preparation of premixes, hydration of thickening and stabilizing agents, and preparation of the final oil-in-water emulsion.
  3. The remaining aqueous phase ingredients are then added to the vessel or via the powder feed hopper depending on batch size and powder characteristics.
  4. The egg yolk is added to the vessel. Powdered eggs, it is rapidly wetted out and dispersed into the high-velocity liquid stream.
  5. The ingredients pass into the work ahead of the Mayonnaise Mixer, where they are subjected to intense high shear
  6. Ingredients are thoroughly mixed, dispersed, and hydrated through the powerful mixer blades.
  7. This finely disperses the oil into the aqueous phase, immediately forming an emulsion. The vinegar (and lemon juice) is added together with the last of the oil.
  8. After a short recirculation period, the mayonnaise-producing process is completed and the finished product is discharged.
  9. Recirculation of the product continues to ensure a uniform consistency as the viscosity rises.

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