Filling&Packaging Production Lines for Oral Liquids/Syrup/Health Products/Other Liquids


  • This equipment is suitable for the filling and production of liquid materials with different viscosities, such as syrup, oral liquid, wine, food, health products, daily chemical and other industries.
  • The equipment can automatically complete processes such as bottle sorting, washing, drying, sterilization, capping and sealing, and labeling.
  • The equipment can operate automatically, and the progressiveness technology has reached the international level, which can replace similar imported products.

Product description

  • The equipment meets GMP requirements, can be cleaned and sterilized, is easy to maintain, and has high operational safety. It can be optionally equipped with a CIP/SIP system.
  • The equipment adopts advanced PLC and servo control system, and introduces digital twin technology, which can achieve complete automatic operation and reduce the number of operators.
  • The equipment is designed with multiple sets of security protection systems to maximize the safety of equipment operation and personnel operation.
  • In the design process of the capping system, a large number of finite element analysis methods are used to ensure the stability of the capping system and extended equipment lifespan.
  • The device can adapt to bottles of different specifications and can complete mold adjustments in a short period of time.

Product Parameter

Filling range

10-500ml , with commonly used specifications: 30ml, 50ml, 150ml.

Applicable bottle type

Round bottles of various specifications.

Filling principle

plunger type (SUS316L or ceramic), peristaltic pump type, negative pressure type, weighing type

Flowmeter type

Select based on the nature of the material.

Filling accuracy

≤± 2%

Cap rolling qualification rate


Production capacity

40-50 bottles/min, 60-80 bottles/min, 100-120 bottles/min, 150-180 bottles/min, 200-250 bottles/min, 300-350 bottles/min, 400-500 bottles/min, 500-600 bottles/min

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