Jun. 1998

Wuxi Jianuo Delicate Chemical Equipment Factory was established

Feb. 1999

The first Instant Glue Tube Filling and Sealing Machine in China was successfully developed.

Glue(502) Filling & Screw-capping Machine
Apr. 2000

The first Acrylic A&B Glue Filling and Sealing Machine was off the assembly line.

Jun. 2002

the first PLC Controlled Vacuum Emulsifying Machine was successfully developed.

May. 2003

We obtained the IS9001 Quality System Certification.

May. 2005

ZJR-1300 Vacuum Emulsifying Machine independently developed by our company was exported to the U.S.

Dec. 2005

SXJ-1300 and YLS-1300 Silicone Product Line independently developed by our company was exported to Spain.

Mar. 2006

we obtained the international EU CE Certification.

Dec. 2006

Wuxi YK Automation Technology Co., Ltd was established in cooperation with the Canadian.n.

May. 2007

New Vacuum Emulsifying machine was exported to Germany.

yk machinery
Mar. 2008

Modern production plant which occupied an area of 20,000 square meters was completed.