• filling and sealing various laminated and plastic pipes

Product description

1. Intelligent operation

The control part adopts the most advanced intelligent human-machine interface control, with a large touch screen display/operation control panel, including temperature setting, motor speed, production speed, etc., which is directly displayed on the screen and can be controlled and adjusted directly on the screen.

2. Cleaning

The material contact part is made of all stainless steel SUS304 and SUS316L materials.

3. Visual production

The machine is equipped with a safety transparent cover, and is equipped with safety switches, safety doors open, and automatic machine stop functions.

4. Automated production

Randomly equipped with automatic pipe feeding and feeding devices, the hoses are automatically inserted into the positioning mold after being arranged in a row, and the direction of the hoses is positioned. It is controlled by photoelectric and servo motors to ensure accurate sealing of the tail, with 16-1-position automatic rotation. All operations are automated from the supply, filling, sealing to exit of the hoses, and there is no filling design for pipes.

5. Convenient operation

The digital high-speed filling measuring and adjusting device is located outside the machine at the front and bottom

6. High precision

When filling, the filling nozzle extends into the bottom of the material pipe, and exits while filling to ensure that the material does not overflow due to air intervention in the empty section.

7. High adaptability

For materials with strong viscosity and easy drawing, it is also equipped with a blowing and shearing device to ensure that the sealing is not affected.

8. There are various forms of sealing, and customers can choose to match according to their needs.


1. Easier operation:
  • Full color industrial touch screen, easy to control and operate;
  • The machine is equipped with a safe and transparent cover, making the working conditions of the functional machine clear at a glance
  • Tilting tube box, mechanical feeding tube, easy to install, stable and reliable. When replacing products, only one part needs to be adjusted to avoid the trouble of product replacement.
  • Follow up positive pressure cleaning tube, negative pressure suction, longer cleaning time, and cleaner tube.
  • Mechanical linkage visual inspection, with an accuracy level of 0.2 milliliters, can be easily adjusted on the touch screen.
2. Better packaging effect:
  • Insertion type follow-up injection, starting from the bottom of the tube, expels air inside the tube, reduces product oxidation, and improves product quality.
  • There are three layers of instantaneous heaters inside the tube, which are non damaging to the outer wall pattern of the tube and have a beautiful sealing film. Quick changing jaws can seal straight tails, round tails, and irregular tails; The insertion type document number is easy to change.
  • Quick key, can print document numbers on both sides.
  • Smooth machine surface, no clean dead corners, material in full contact with high-quality stainless steel 316L, strictly in compliance with GMP standards.

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