Lab Emulsifying homogenizer

Mixcore Recirculation Lab Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Application of Lab Emulsifying homogenizer

  1. Laboratory

  2. Small-size production


Cosmetic manufacturing

Food manufacturing Daily Necessities manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing



Sun protection products

Decorative cosmetics

Body-care products

Collagen suspensions



Salad sauce

Baby food

Pet food

Liquid spices

Hand washing paste

Liquid soap

Tooth paste

Shaving cream


Shower gel

Hair care products



Eye ointment

Mixtures and similar

Lotions (W/O resp. O/W)

Paraffin emulsions, Lipid emulsions…

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Product description of Lab Emulsifying homogenizer mixer

  1. Shorter production time: Compared to the ZJR series emulsification machine, it can greatly shorten the production time by up to 90%
  2. Better effect: unique and efficient mixing and recirculation homogenization system
  3. Better seal: sanitary grade double end mechanical seal
  4. Higher viscosity: The maximum processing viscosity can reach 100000MPas
  5. The minimum production capacity can reach 20% of the full volume
  6. Easy to clean: The system borns with CIP system
  7. Easy to operate
  8. Support customization: optional sterile emulsification system

Main technical parameters

Item Parameter
Model MC-15
Power 380V 50Hz (Customizable)
Design volume 15L
Working volume 12L
Agitator motor power 0.37kW
Max agitator max speed 0-86rpm
Homogenizer motor power 4kW
Max homogenizer speed 0-5000rpm
Oil pot design volume 7.3L
Oil pot working volume 6L
Oil pot agitator motor power 0.025kW
Oil pot max agitator max speed 1400rpm
Water pot design volume 7.3L
Water pot working volume 6L
Water pot agitator motor power 0.025kW
Water pot max agitator max speed 1400rpm
Vacuum pump power 0.37kW
Mixcore Recirculation Lab Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer 1

MC Lab Emulsifying Mixer Working Principle:

The working principle of the homogenizer is mainly that the powerful motor rotates at high speed to form a vacuum between the rotor and the stator, and the material is sucked in from the upper and bottom of the rotor and the stator. The strong kinetic energy makes the rotor produce higher linear velocity, so that the material will fly out after strong impact, crushing, centrifugal squeezing, liquid layer friction, and strong shear between the rotation and the stator gap, and the action of forces in a variety of different directions Down, produce strong turbulence.

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    The material undergoes repeated cycles of depolymerization, dispersion, homogenization, refinement, and shearing for a certain period of time under appropriate emulsifiers and mature processes to produce a stable emulsion; the homogeneous emulsifier is highly efficient, and also quickly and uniformly. One phase or even the liquid between many phases and the solids enter the other-a continuous phase that is not compatible with each other, usually a liquid process equipment. When the fineness of one or many materials reaches the number of micrometers, or even nanometers, the system can be considered homogeneous. When external energy is input, the two materials are recombined into a uniform phase.

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