Product composition

  • vacuum system
  • frame
  • mixer
  • Reduction motor
  • sealing cover
  • planetary carrier
  • wall scraping device
  • storage hopper
  • dual column hydraulic lifting system

Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer

Application of Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer

Laboratory for cosmetics and food industry

Product parameters

Item Parameters
Size of bucket ∮208*260
Design volume 8L
Working Capacity 5L
Stirring power 1.5Kw
Scattered electric power 1.5Kw
Revolution speed 0-65 rpm
Stirring rotation speed 0-170 rpm
Scattered disk rotation speed 0-1400 rpm
Scraper speed The same as revolution
Limit vacuum -0.09Mpa
Distance of reactor up and down 300mm
Distance of disk up and down 300mm
Largest binder force 5T
Hydraulic station power 1.5Kw
Vacuum pump power 0.37Kw
Heating power 2Kw
Size (Length*Width*Height) 990mm*910mm*2360mm

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