When you’re sharing a planet with 7 billion people and countless living beings, it’s possible to underestimate the impact of one’s lifestyle choices on the environment. And on a bigger scale, what can factories do to facilitate the energy conservation and emission reduction for a better future?

As a traditional machinery manufacturer, WUXI YK AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD always pays attention to environmental protection in the enterprise and its periphery, makes up relatively complete management system as well as reward and punishment system in the aspects of energy source management, cleaner production, etc., and carries out strict control. Actively join the project of energy conservation and emission reduction.

This energy conservation and emission renovation project includes the use of frequency converter which is more efficient in power saving, as well as the update and alteration for LED. LED is the ideal light source to replace the traditional light source. It has countless advantages, such as high brightness, low power consumption, long life, fast start, small power, no stroboscopic, etc. and hardly causes visual fatigue. In addition, through optimizing design and structure, so as to reduce energy consumption and reducing the use of clean water. All actions aim at reducing energy consumption and declining pollutant discharges greatly when the project is accomplished.

WUXI YK AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is striving relentlessly for building up eco-type enterprise to achieve harmonious development of employees, enterprise and society. Our company will achieve the transition from extensive management to intensive management, rid off “Model of three-high-and-one-low”( high investment, high material consumptions, high energy consumption, and low efficiency) and concentrate on  “Model of three-low-and-one-high”(low investment, low material consumptions, low energy consumption, high efficiency).

Through this framework, it is hoped that YK will become a catalyst for positive change, not only in business and technology, but also as a model for sustainable future factories.