YeKeey Cosmetic Cream Homogenizing Emulsifying Machine is a professional cosmetic lotion making machinery.

Cosmetic Lotion Homogenizing Emulsifying Machine

Product Advantages

  • Shorter batch production time

Thanks to the efficient feeding efficiency of the homogenizer and optimized homogenization emulsification shear force transmission.

  • Continuous high-quality production

Thanks to the homogenizer head that has been repeatedly verified and designed, the control and monitoring of droplet size and distribution are optimized, and a small circulation mode below the liquid surface is adopted for products that are prone to foaming.

  • More stable lotion

Thanks to automatic formula control and optimized cleaning and sterilization performance.

  • Lower Cost

Thanks to the significant difference in batch size that can be produced on the same equipment, as well as the efficient emulsification establishment ability.

Working Principle

  • The homogenizer adopts a fixed rotor structure. The rotor accelerates the material to 35m/s and then passes through a narrow slit with a width of 1mm. The droplets passing through the shear gap pass through the shear force and thrust force to form lotion with droplet size as small as 1 µ m. At the same time, the homogenizer acts as a pump, pumping the material back to the upper part of the mixing tank through a circulating pipeline.
  • Throughout the entire production batch process, all materials will undergo homogenization several times. By selecting “large loop” or “small loop”, the size of the production batch can be flexibly adjusted.

Emulsification Effect Show


CE-Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Product Parameter


Design volume(L) Max. Useful volume (L) Min. Useful volume(L)

Dimensions (L*W*H/mm)

Main tank

Water/oil tank


30 25 10 1400*600*1900(2400) 1000*510*1350
ZJR-50 50 40 15 1400*600*1950(2500)



100 80 30 1750*650*2150(2850) 1500*700*1400
ZJR-150 150 120 45 1900*780*2380(3000)



250 200 75 2600*1900*2500(3500)
ZJR-350 350 280 100



650 500 200 3650*3400*3300(4560)
ZJR-850 850 700 250



1300 1000 400 4900*3300*3000(4600)
ZJR-2500 2500 2000 750


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