CZG-1 weighing filling machine is a kind of measuring equipment for automatic quantitative filling of liquids. Its function is to automatically divide a large amount of bulk liquid materials into small loads of predetermined weight for quantitative packaging.

The CZG-1 weighing and filling machine automatically fills several standard barrels of liquid material by gravity or power, and quantitatively controls the amount of material in each barrel through the opening and closing of valves. The liquid filling machine has a high degree of automation, which can avoid material overflow as much as possible, and prevent the material itself from polluting the environment to the greatest extent, thereby providing effective labor protection for operators. The system works stably and reliably, with simple operation and accurate weighing. The collated data can be output to the computer and other external devices through the meter.



  1. It is suitable for quantitative measurement of liquid materials with good fluidity such as oils, chemicals and food.
  2. High measurement accuracy, stable performance and reliable work.
  3. It can be used for various approved containers, iron drums or plastic drums for accurate quantitative filling between l-15Kg, and the system can be used in humid, dangerous or other adverse environments.
  4. This equipment uses a high-precision weighing control sensor module to complete the automatic control and measurement process, plus a programmable controller, which can effectively achieve the accuracy required by customers.
  5. The system operation is simple and clear, and easy to operate.

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