mold temperature control machine

Industry hot oil type heating mold temperature controller is also called mold temperature control widely used in chemical reaction kettle and other industries.


Reactor oil heater features

  1. Return oil temperature display function
  2. automatic exhaust function at startup
  3. heating power switching function
  4. hot oil BY-PASS pressure relief circuit
  5. Multi-point temperature control unit can be customized
  6. oil pump horsepower and heating power can be customized
  7. Temperature control accuracy: PID±1°C
  8. Isolated electrical control box. Extend the service life of electrical appliances\
  9. The electrical appliances adopt OMRON. FUJI. TE. LG. MOELLER. ABB. WEST.
  10. Temperature control range: inlet oil temperature +15℃→300℃
  11. 304 stainless steel or carbon steel integrated pipeline to reduce pipe resistance and rust
  12. The temperature control meter adopts OMRON or WEST microcomputer dual group P.I.D control, touch-sensitive internal storage and automatic calculation, accurate and reliable, saving more than 35% of electricity
  13. Complete safety protection, fault display, maintenance. Maintenance does not require professionals. Machine specifications
  14. explosion-proof device (optional)
  15. Blowing and oil return function (optional)
  16. instant cooling off function (optional)
  17. RS485 communication function, realize automatic management. (optional)
  18. Control method: Imported microcomputer or PLC control (optional)

Oil circulating temperature controller/oil temperature controller safety protection and indicating system:

  1. power supply phase loss and phase sequence protection
  2. total leakage protection switch
  3. pump reverse protection
  4. pump overload protection
  5. high temperature protection
  6. the pipeline is blocked BY-PASS pressure relief circuit
  7. abnormal temperature protection
  8. Abnormal alarm buzzer
  9. lack of media protection
  10. contactor jam protection
  11. pressure detection (abnormal pressure stops heating)

Schematic diagram of reactor oil heater

Schematic diagram of reactor oil heater

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