Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas is comingLooking back on this challenging yearWe sincerely thank you for your trust in YeKeey products, solutions and services.I wish everyone a happy ChristmasA good start to the new year!  -YeKeey

heating methods of the emulsifying mixer

What are the heating functions of the emulsification tank?

In the industrial production of fluid mixing, most of the powder-liquid, solid-liquid, and liquid-liquid mixing and agitation requires multiple processing of mechanical equipment to meet the product requirements. These processing procedures often include heating, dissolving, dispersing, stirring, homogenizing, emulsifying, sterilizing, cooling, and so on. Except for some cold-processed products, most products require heating during the…

stainless steel mixing tanks

What are the characteristics of single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer stainless steel mixing tanks?

Stainless steel mixing tanks are also called the batching tank. It is a piece of essential equipment in the batching industry. It is suitable for mixing and stirring different materials. It is suitable for the fields of food, dairy products, fruit juice beverages, pharmaceutical chemicals, and biological engineering. It integrates heating, stirring, Homogenization, temperature control, cooling,…

explosion-proof vacuum emulsifier

The graphene dispersion explosion-proof emulsifier of a Shanghai customer was successfully installed and debugged

Recently, YeKeey technicians were sent to Shanghai to install and debug an explosion-proof vacuum emulsifier for the production of graphene dispersions for a New Material company. The customer is a manufacturer specializing in new materials. Due to the continuous growth of user needs, new demands are emerging in an endless stream. This is the pressure on the…

cosmetics emulsification

Precautions for the weighing and feeding of dust-prone powder raw materials in the production of cosmetics emulsification

In the cosmetics production process, the cosmetic raw materials are generally composed of the water phase, oil phase, and some powder material additives. In the production of cosmetics emulsification, some product raw materials, the powder raw materials are easily dusted during the process of feeding the powder raw materials to the emulsifying mixer of the cosmetics…

equipment for cosmetics

Commonly used production equipment for cosmetics, come and get the focus!

Cosmetics belong to the category of fine chemicals. The vast majority of cosmetics production uses compound technology, which has the characteristics of fewer chemical reactions and strict hygiene requirements. Cosmetic production equipment can be roughly divided into 1. Product manufacturing equipment 2. Forming Filling and packaging equipment; cosmetics production operations are generally as follows: Crushed, grinding,…

stainless steel mixing tanks

Time difference in the earth, but no time difference in YeKeey’s service

African region‘s demand for emulsifying equipments From the years of cooperation between YeKeey and customers in African countries, African customers have used stainless steel mixing tanks and emulsification tank equipment for daily chemical liquid washing, which are used to produce shampoo, cream, facial cleanser, hair dye, and other products; and Mechanical equipment such as emulsifying machines for the…

high-shear emulsifier

The petty thing that has to say in the production of emulsification and mixing of materials——particle size

What questions about high-shear emulsifier customers inquire When many customers inquire about our products, they often ask about equipment related to particle size. For example: What is the smallest particle size that the high-shear emulsifier can achieve? We are an oil and water system. Can your high shear homogenizer homogenize the material to an average particle size…

vacuum emulsifying mixing machines

A repurchase order—50L vacuum emulsifying mixing machines

Thank customers for repurchasing vacuum emulsifying mixing machines. Only with quality can we be deeply loved, and only with value can we be trusted! Behind the transaction of each emulsifying machine, the order is the trust and support of our customers. But what is more gratifying is that it often receives repurchase orders from customers! This…

Biomedical Industry Innovation and Upgrade

YeKeey was present at the 2021 Liaoning Province (Jinzhou) Biomedical Industry Innovation and Upgrade Special Matchmaking Conference

At 9:00, October 25, 2021, under the guidance of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Jinzhou Municipal People’s Government, and hosted by the Jinzhou High-tech Zone Management Committee and Jinzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, “Innovation Leads Development Industry Creates the Future” in 2021 Liaoning (Jinzhou) Biopharmaceutical industry innovation and upgrading thematic matchmaking…